Powers of the Universe.

We live life praying for strength, money, happiness, love, ETC. When we don’t get what we asked for; we question God or whatever our faith is. We go on for days waiting for a miracle and it doesn’t come. We get fed up and say why I am wasting my time.  The problem is you are waiting for something to happen when all the time you have been given the power to act on whatever it is you want.  We all have our beliefs in a power greater than our selves. We expect that power to do it all for us. How many times have God brushed your teeth, bathe you or made your dinner?  Never, it was you all along. When living with an open mind we can do anything we want. We are connected to the universe, every time we ask for something the universe is working with us so we can get it.  I have received everything I’ve asked for, but I had to go out and get it under whatever pressure there was. Everything I own I paid for, it didn’t come free.  I do believe that is why so many people give up, because they are expecting for a spirit to show up and say, “Here you go for being such a nice person”. Instead of just going out and working for what you want.  God has not promised any of us a great and easy life. However he did give us traits that will allow us to grow and survive anyway we choose to survive. There are people who are rich and living good not miserable like some of the poor folk would like to think. Having riches is a good misery. It’s how you live what’s important, but not how much you have. The trick is meditation with the higher consciousness. Learning how to connect is the key toward spiritual success. When we meditate we listen to God and he gives us answers. But the listening is not actual listening like when someone talks to you and you hear him out. It is spiritual listening within your mind and heart, you take in the message and with that message you will find out what to do in order to achieve what you want. I have been able to overcome many obstacles with this method. I will continue to fight through life with the powers of the universe and allow it to work through me.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My Book “ Soap That doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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