2013.Lets Begin

Happy New Year!!!  As we start the New Year I like to say the ending was great. I took a last minute trip to Alexandria Virginia and spent New Year’s Eve with my son, Leo and his future in laws Sonia parents, and had some great Salvadorian Food. Than went on to Baltimore to spend the rest of the night with my lovely nieces Marisita, and Marali,  We bought in the New Year with lots of family, love, and hope, may 2013 bring us all much  prosperity, love, and success. I love that area, because it reminds me a little of New York and there are lots of Latinos there. As I am driving back to Virginia Beach, my thoughts wonder; and I ask myself what I can do in 2013 in order to continue the excitement that started in 2012.  School starts next week and I am getting closer to my goal of a college degree. I have several more years to go, but I will be at 32 credits at the end of the semester if all goes well. I never would off believed that I can even get 1 college credit to the 20 I have already and a 3.5 GPA.  There is nothing in this world difficult; only our negativity makes everything hard to do. I have another wedding to attend in Puerto Rico This summer and I plan to take my Grand-kids to Disney world. The most exciting is? I will launch my first ever book this spring “Soap That Doesn’t Clean” I am very excited about that. I come from the bottom of the pot and I can’t believe that all this is happening to me. This to me is bigger than when I owned the business. Whether my book is a big hit or not, it doesn’t matter.  What matters to me is?  a man who was told when he was young: that he was worthless has come back to spit in the face of adversity and accomplished more than any person can dream of doing. One of my best decisions was going to Tidewater Community College and taking classes and having an open mind in my Spanish class, it was there where I was awaken to be the writer I have become. All the obstacles in my life weren’t a punishment, but stories I would write about in the future. I would sometimes wonder why so much was happening to me. I thought I was being punished by God; for even when I got remarried and behaved and submitted myself to the wife and kids I have, I would still have obstacles to deal with. I never folded under pressure. I fought my way through some of the roughest times a Husband and dad can fight through.  I’m still fighting! But it’s getting easier to deal with.. I want to tell the world that faith is the power needed to achieve any goal you may have. And if you are on the right path the goal will be met; because it was planned for you all along. When I look at the story of Jesus we focus so much on his sorrows and why he died. I take his story more different. What I see was a man who never gave up believing what he was preaching.  Even when they were hammering nails in his hands and feet. He continued to believe in God.  We all have a cross to carry and it’s up to us whether we are going to quit being faithful, or let go of the cross and give up. Jesus found paradise at the end and took one of the others being crucified with him.  A friend once told me Tony Mutt, “even if you are making your bed in hell don’t give up on faith”…….

Have a great and prosperous Year..:0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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