Sailing into 2013

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This was the ship I was on when I met my wife In  Puerto Rico December 25th 1991. It looks like a military ship and it is, but it was manned by Civilians. The ship was called the USNS Neosho, a fuel tanker. I started my sobriety on that ship and it has taken me to wonderful places spiritually. It has been 21 years since I sailed on that tanker and 15 years since I worked on a ship. However my spirit continues through the sea of life.  As I put away 2012, I take my annual inventory and see what I did wrong and see what I did right and try to  do better  next year. There have been many things I did wrong but I can fix them quickly. I did do many great things this year and have met many good people also. I could only wish them all a great life and thanks for all their help. The release of my Book “Soap That Doesn’t Clean “   should be available in March, I’m hoping it goes well. That has been the biggest project I have ever done; not writing the book, but proving to myself that I am somebody. I have read my book over and over to fix editorial mistakes, and the more I read it the more I see that my life was perfectly planed by God. I have sailed through rough seas all through my life but never allowed the ocean to capsize me. My ship the Neosho has given me the horsepower to run through the obstacles in front of me and I never look back. For today I am a man with a spirit that will never give up on his dream. I will run through life with a passion of success and even when I fail I will still find the positive in it. My failures are what I write about but my success to. I have been blessed with a great wife and kids and will always cherished them to the day I die and leave to go live with the Great Spirit. For those of you who struggle today look no more for your spirit can be revised like mine and go forward the with the plan that has been awarded to you. I have not planned anything for when I do they don’t work out, but when the Powers of the Universe make the plan it happens. God is my Captain I am just a navigator.

May 2013 open for you all with a blast of happiness and prosperity and remember when receiving love from someone whether family or friend or both cherish it always because love comes from GOD…………..

Have a Happy New Year  :0)

Tyrone Garcia

2 thoughts on “Sailing into 2013

  1. Love your posts Tyrone …. so I’m sailing with you into 2013 … lots of positive thoughts on your blog, keeps me upright when the winds of change comes (and they always do!).  

    Best in the New Year to you and your beautiful family….



    “We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”                                                                                                                       Fr. Richard Rohr


    • Thanks dru for your support this year I guarantee you when the winds come I will let you know however I believe our foundations are on solid rock. Happy new year. On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Tyrone Garcia

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