Stop crying and start thinking.

Does sorrow ever works when you need money? How much crying should one due before throwing in the towel and saying forget this?  Crying is not going to get me nothing but wasted tears. I don’t think anguish brings you the answer to your problem any more than just staying neutral. I witnessed a young girl today worried over money she won’t have on Tuesday so she can pay her rent. I told her not to worry for crying will not pay it neither, however your frustration will just make you depressed and angry. I start to think about it and I ask myself one question; the world we live in today is this it? You don’t know whether you will be in the streets or in a home? Can a person afford to live in an America today 2 people working should be enough but it isn’t. Whenever I have a problem today I try my best to solve it, but if I can’t I try to work it the best way I can. People don’t care about your problem they care only about themselves. The world has gotten so tight that people turn on each other over money. People are so messed up that even when you show them compassion and love; they right away think negative about you. They feel you are after something. Meanwhile the churches are filled but our faith is empty. We no longer believe that God can put in our minds an idea that will help you get out of your current terrible situation. I learned allot from my wife. When we were in trouble financially she would pray for an answer to our problem not for money, but a way on how to fix the problem. If you think hard enough you will get one if you cry hard enough you will waste time. After talking to the young lady she got herself together and was able to come up with a plan. Most homeless people are homeless because they gave up on society; they feel there’s nothing for them. We should always play life out to the max never giving the thought of failure anytime. The only failures in life are the ones who don’t hear God calling on them. We all are here to be educated spiritually money isn’t the goal,   but to learn about the higher consciousness is the real goal in life. Love yourself enough not to waste precious tears on something that has no bearing on God. But cry out for Gods knowledge and you will see the true meaning of life.

Have a nice day J

Tyrone Garcia.

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