Fly Free

Why can’t we fly free also?  Why has the human made life so hard for us to live? Our greed for power and money is at times pathetic. I can imagine how nature looks at us. They must be saying these humans really know how to make life hard. So much earth for us to share; but we kill over square footage.  We charge for it, and are dishonest over it. However we spend hours in church and bible study talking about heaven, and God. On Monday we are back to being greedy and discontent with life. Not all people, but a large amount are practicing this deranged life they call success. I sometimes just sit and watch nature do as it pleases within its boundaries. Yes animals fight of each other to; and kill, but they kill with more honor than we do. We kill thousands of animals so we can sell it and make heavy profits, than somebody at the dinner table is going to throw it in the garbage because they don’t like its taste. The Native Americans killed, but they would honor the kill and never make their prey suffer like we do. Nothing is wasted what one animal won’t eat the buzzards will.  I believe our way of life is the reason we suffer so much.  Our uncanny feeling to be better under unjustly circumstances is the touchstone of spiritual failure. We should be able to fly as free as the eagle I am showing in this post. However in order to fly we have to win over our wings. Wings you cannot buy at the mall but you can purchase through the universe, if accepted.

Have a wonderful day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “soap That doesn’t Clean” will be out soon.

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