Feeling Lonely?

For those who find themselves lonely this holiday season I feel you. I spent many years lonely on Christmas day even when I had a family to go to. I understand the feeling of not having a romance or just a partner to be with. It feels like you have been sent to a world far away from the one you want to be in, you only feel pain and sorrow for the seat next to you is empty. Have not I’ve been good enough to be given a friend? a friend I can be intimate with enjoy, laugh, and take long walks on the beach with till sunrise. How happy I can be if my dear friend was here with me. Fear not for your partner is near and your anguish will disappear. Ask the universe and forget you asked, and you will see that friend appear before walking off that pier.

In December Of 1992 I was on my way towards many positive changes in my life. I had my daughter Jeanette living with my mother and I felt lonely. I wanted to start a family but I was missing the most valuable part, a wife. At the time I was a merchant Marine and I was on a ship getting ready to dock in Puerto Rico the next day. I was on the bow of the ship that night, looking at the stars I ask God, that I wanted to meet a woman; I didn’t care if she had kids, as long as she was willing to grow with me in a positive way. The next day the ship went into port of Puerto Rico, and I was given 4 days off. I traveled to Cupey to stay with my Aunt, My cousin Milagros introduced me into a young lady and we went out that night. That lady is Teresita and we have been married for 20 years, I raised her 2 boys and she raised my daughter. That was a prayer that worked pretty quickly; it might not work that fast for you, because it may not be your time. However you never know until you ask with faith not desperation if it is your time to meet someone.

Have a great holiday and remember as long as we are alive and well anything can happen so don’t give up keep going life needs to be played out till the end.

Tyrone Garcia: 0)

My Book “Soap That Doesn’t clean” will be out in early 2013

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