Keeping an Open mind

As the year comes to an end I just want to say it has been an explosive one for me. I have grown and have developed another hobby which is writing. I have new friends and I am moving again towards success. When I started the year I was unemployed and starting my second semester in college. I was starting to worry a little about my future, wondering if I was going to see success or at least have another business run. I was starting to miss my business and becoming resentful that I sold my only security even though I had to. The money had run out and I saw myself going through my change jars that I would fill whenever I had change in my pocket. The Unemployment checks were not helping and my wife salary is what was paying the bills. I would drive a car that needed maintenance but couldn’t afford it.  I would just tell my car “please baby give me some more time”. All of 2010- 2011 was like that. I was paying back taxes from the business so that kept me pretty broke also; along with some other bills from the past I had to talk care of.  I always remembered that sometimes when we struggle like that we should meditate on what caused us to get into that situation and what we can do better. My faith never died because I would constantly repeat to myself, God did not bring me this far to allow me to fall. I started school and by the 16th of January I was given the position of Assistant Manager at Goodwill. My life was starting to get better. By late February I was writing essays about my life in Spanish and in English. In a simple email to my Spanish professor I saw a poem that enlightened me.  It was in Spanish and would just look at it and try to see what it was saying. I copied and paste it and mediated on it to find the real meaning. For words are powerful and just reading it will not give you the full effect, it needed time. By May I wrote a book about all my failures and successes. I started my blog and here I am in full force again involved in something that makes me happy. I am working with the publishers on the editing of the book  and this will take some time, but I can assure you it will be on the shelves sometime in 2013.  I’m almost finished paying off my responsibilities’ and my credit his getting better again. I bought a new car and the old one I gave away for 300 dollars to someone who wanted it. My life has gone from the bottom to the top in less than 1 year. What did it take for all this to happen?  I never lost my faith and kept an open mind.  In my book you will be able to get more insight on what I’m talking about with the poem, and professor that helped me. We must all remember that all we need is faith in order to overcome our difficulties in life and that there is a true Supreme Being hat watches over us.

Have a nice day:0)

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean’ will be out in early 2013

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