Some people call me radical, some call me righteous, and some call me crazy. What I really am is free. Freedom is not being rich, but having knowledge of who you are and knowing the people you are surrounded by. I remember when young I saw the Movie “They died with their boots on” The movie was about the Life of General Armstrong Custer and his last stand at the little big horn. I would feel bad for him when he was massacred. I hated the Indians and believed they were savages for television showed it that way in those earlier days.  The stories were told to brainwash the public so we can always side with the wrong people. Today when they show the classic my attitude is different I feel bad for the Indians because I have learned the truth. My political views have also changed I love my country which is America and Puerto Rico, but I will not defend people who are wrong.   I will not put down other countries and be a hypocrite with mine. I feel honesty is a form of freedom. When we have nothing to hide our lives are better and we walk with no stones in our shoes. Freedom is the touchstone of real prosperity and riches. How many millionaires have to worry about someone blowing the whistle? , how many honest people don’t have that worry?  For me it started many years ago when I started being honest with who and what I believe in.  I say things that I wouldn’t before, I really don’t care what people think because I am not here to be your people pleasing friend. I am not a follower of people, but a follower of the greatest power in the Universe GOD almighty. I learn to meditate and listen to Gods plans within, for Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you”. I don’t spend 3 hours on Sunday praising God.  I spend 24 hours a day praising God.  Where ever I sit for there is the God of my understanding. In any moment I can reach out to God and get an answer. People lie, cheat, pass fear, and brainwash. God gave me the power to meditate and through inner feeling and communication with the higher consciousness I can here God loud and clear. Humility is another code that you are living in the real God consciousness. I have many years of proof that God loves me and takes care of me. I don’t have to wait till Sunday to hear that. I respect all people of all walks of life I show no prejudice toward anyone for all of us are Gods creation, and even if they call God –   Yuka Hu bagua maracoti. Or Buddha, the Great Spirit, Jesus, Allah, whatever,    I still give the respect and say amen or Han Han katu.  Which is what my Tiano brothers would say, Life is much better when there is no argument over God. He made all of us so why do we argue over who belongs and who doesn’t. Live free and respect everyone for everyone is the image of God,   don’t judge either. AMEN

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book is coming soon    “ Soap that doesn’t clean”

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