They need protection

photo (51)Do we have to attend our children more today than in the past? Is society that crazy that we may have to lock ourselves up? It doesn’t matter where you live today you can get killed almost anywhere. Sitting on my porch and my Grandduaghter looking through the window  as you see my reflection i see a worried spirit.What happen the other day in Connecticut has been happening for years. I already had one person tell me that the bible has said these times would come. There they go again with the fear, and church marketing. Blame God like always. It’s a great copout for hiding the real truth, we have a crazy society and capitalism is part of it. Society is so worried about making money in order to survive; we have totally forgotten about living life. Work, work, and work, let the children raise themselves or give them some games to play on the computer. Rent is high, houses are overpriced food, gas, clothes, cable, and power is overwhelming for all the people. Insurance, health, is a rip off and forget going to the dentist if you are an adult and need a deep cleaning for your teeth you are better off getting false teeth and dipping them in water and polident. Are we seeing the declining of America? There are more people on food stamps and Medicaid than ever before. While we sit back and judge the Middle East problems we are having our very own Gaza in America. That has always been our problem we sit back and judge others but our own home is sinking! Faster than the titanic, these massacres of students are starting to get out of hand and we must do something about it, but what?  Is it the evil that is running the streets wild and possession is the real problem? I mean these kids that have gunned down people for just the hell of it is pretty scary. At least in the ghetto you get gun down for selling drugs, and being part of crime. Maybe the stopping of prayer in schools has something to do with it, the morals that these kids are growing up with are wrong. I noticed while attending college, that these kids have no respect today for no one. They break down easy also. There are lots of children on mental medication than ever before. Medicine has taken the charge into the 21st century and people don’t even use their immune system to fight off sickness. I have been able to and many others fight off our problems with meditation and spiritual power. As much as we think we are better than before we are worse. We have fear as our motivation not love and harmony which is really the real goal off life and the goal that would make God happy. If we all just took time out to meditate and forget about the material world for awhile along with our children you would see the changes rapidly. I raised my kids in a spiritual fashion my kid’s even experienced Indian sweat lodges. We would take trips to Shenandoah to connect with nature when they were young. My kids are not saints but they have not committed any crimes or hurt no one. Our church is nature and our God is the Universe. When you visit my home and if all my kids are here they would say hello and be great host. I have been places where the parents have to forced their kids to say hello, and that is one of the biggest problem in our youth today. They are so into the internet that a dinner conversation is a bunch of people tweeting on their cell phones and looking at facebook., The computer has become closer to us than people. You may be communicating, but you are still looking at a computer. It’s crazy when you think about it.  I’m not totaly against the computer I believe it has it good points. Well I will continue being me and sharing my thoughts and hopefully there are others who have  noticed the mistakes our society has made. Love and compassion is our saviors, empower it and work it with your family before you lose them.

Have a nice day:0)

Tyrone Garcia

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