Home school is the future.

Are the days of sending your kids to school coming to an end? I believe so!!  what better teacher for the child than the family. Maybe not every family, but speaking for myself I will home school my grand kids when they are at school age. Maybe that is why I have gone back to school at such a late age in my life. The internet will be the new school and for what happen in Connecticut it’s devastating. I can even start to think of how I would have gotten if it was one of my own. I feel bad for the children that were killed and for their families. You don’t have to know them to feel the pain just being human is all that is needed. When I got home tonight the first thing I did was hug my granddaughter and give thanks to God for her. I do want to say that my cute little granddaughter can also commit an act of Murder like the boy did in Connecticut. We never think nothing can happen but how many kids play games on the computer that has to do with violence? And we allow them because it allows us to do other things.  I’m not blaming computers or the internet, I am talking about computer games  I tell you that computer games has become a babysitter for many children. Computer games are very addictive and can have someone playing for hours forgetting about everything else. I remember a couple of year’s back I was in Disney world and I was on line to get on a kiddy ride that I like. There was a family in front of me and a very young kid playing with a small game the game consist of violence fighting of some kind, the child was more into the game than the excitement he should have had by being in Disney world. I turn to my wife and tell her “There goes our future” children are little computers themselves, they program everything into their minds, and to them it’s OK because that is what you are teaching them. What puzzles me about the Connecticut kid is, if he was a sick kid how did he get his hand on a gun and left alone long enough to go to a school and commit this gruesome crime? The story smells to me but hopefully we will get more answers tomorrow. I myself think that many parents will be scared to send their kids to school after today, I wouldn’t  but if the school system wants to survive I suggest metal detectors or continue to take chances. I believe that the days of going to school will get smaller and smaller and learning on line will be the only safe way to keep your kids safe. What happens to the parents who can’t stay home and teach their kids because they need to work and earn? Good question.  “What a mess this world has become”   and to say they called the Indians savages.

Have a nice day and my heart goes out to the families.

Tyrone Garcia.

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