My faith is love not fear.

Heaven and hell are they places designated for people who believe in it or for all of us? When I pass away; I will send you an email if they have computers in those places. I believe they will. I don’t live my life in order to win over heaven or hell; I try to live my life happy. I notice people love living in fear, fear of the unknown. They spend their lives preaching something they don’t even believe in, if we all believe in going to heaven when we die than why do we fear death? Why do people cry when they know that person will be with God and in a better place? The answer is, they have no clue themselves people just follow people and they never really follow God. I don’t think that a Supreme Being of the universe would make life so complicated the way we do in our churches and personal spiritual groups. I don’t think The Supreme being wants us fighting each other and enslaving one another into mental slavery, of a heaven and hell reserved for those who are bad or good. If it was true than most people wouldn’t make it, because their faith was built on fear not love. It’s like the person who praises his friend because he has something to offer. I do recall in the parables of Christ the word Hypocrite said several times. I tend to understand that was a cry out for, be careful with these liars pretending to be one of my apostles. What they are really doing is self-seeking and manipulating the people into false beliefs. Fear is a great weapon, they make billions on scary movies all the time and people are suckers for that gruesome entertainment. If there is a heaven or hell I will tell you this, it’s not an issue. All I care about is how I live my life on earth and praise God. I have love for the Supreme Being or the master of the universe, the best and highest, not fear. Fear doesn’t motivate me to love and praise God, my will does. You don’t have to give me a choice, I was born with the choice I need to make, Love, respect, humility, compassion, happiness. If you follow life in that order you will create your own heaven right here on earth. However you can create a hell here also you choose.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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