Addiction can hurt you many ways.

Addiction what is it a disease or mental enslavement? I believe it’s both.  People do things over and over, always expecting better results but, the results are always the same. How do we know when to give up on it? When it starts to become an insanity; there is a difference between obsessive behavior and trying to achieve a goal that is just hard, alcohol, overeating, gambling, ETC can bring you down, but our will to keep fighting is what we need to look at. We all have a strong will and we can handle a lot of torture mentally when combating anything that we have passion for. Unfortunately our passion can be after something that is killing us spiritually and mentally. I abused alcohol and other substances for many years, thinking I can beat the problem by using my strong will. The problem I was having was dealing with something that was killing me and I didn’t want to acknowledge it. Our spending habits are also considered an addiction, and that is one problem that can last for years because there is nothing wrong with spending money. Once we are diagnosed with an addictive behavior, even if we overcome our problem we can still create another one. The problem is not the alcohol, gambling, or overeating, it’s our own behaviors that are torturing our lives. It’s like a diabetic; sugar is not the only thing they need to watch there is a list of foods and drinks they must not take. I have been clean and sober for 21 years; I have not had one drink of alcohol. But I have gone bankrupt in my sobriety for over spending and have gotten fat from over eating. I only felt that as long as I don’t drink I will be fine that my spirituality will help me, “It did” but I failed to recognize that alcohol was just a symptom my real problem is, I suffer from  compulsive behavior. That is what I needed to see. In 2006 I was doing great financially my business was doing great.  I sold one of my properties and made 75,000. I was renting a luxury apartment and my monthly personal bills were 1500 a month, no car payment just rent and utilities. My kids had decided to live on their own.  All was good. In comes my compulsive behavior and I buy this humongous house I didn’t need, with a mortgage of 3400 a month and new car with a 450.00 payment. Higher utility prices and furniture, I sold my property in Puerto Rico and was given a deposit and with that I bought furniture for the home and saved some. I went from 1500 a month to over 5,000 a month a 3500 dollar jump. With all that I was still doing great. I started spending, taking trips, and being Mr. nice guy. In 2007 the economy started shifting and my sales dropped 50% leaving me a mile of debt and not enough money to take care of my bills. All because I didn’t keep an eye on my compulsive behavior, I could have been well off right now and still in business. I call it the 500.000 lesson because that is what I lost behind my behavior. The attitude I have today is think before you act and watch your addictive behavior. . I am still sober so I am doing great, but I must remember to watch myself in all aspects. It’s better to be regular Joe  and have a big bank account than to be phony and look like you have money but are spending it unwisely because your additions are still active. I hope that  all my readers, if you are going through the same I can stop you a little early because my failures can be your success.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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