The right amount.

Why is it when someone asks you for something you say yes, but when you need something you struggle to get it? That is a question that has puzzled me for decades. I sometimes feel like the fool who can’t say no. I ask God one thing? Don’t let me fall. Allow me to fight if I have to; let me feel the glory of beating my struggle. I sometimes feel as God is piling up my gifts, because I want so much. If that is the case,  keep on stacking. The mind is the strongest weapon in our arsenal; we can fight through anything that we encounter.  This week I had to deal with a dilemma that would have hurt my Christmas, if I haven’t been creative enough to put a plan together that would work.  I was going to have a bad month. The other day I get a call from a friend that needed help, right after I finished writing my post on, “Fill you spiritual Bank Account” he ask me for something, I thought about it and helped him. That day I was waiting for a little Christmas loan I had applied for. My new car took a down payment that pretty much wiped me out. I wasn’t thinking at the time that it was Christmas and I have 2 grandkids, along with the rest of the family. I was denied the small loan. Now the fear sets in and I’m wondering where am going to get this money. I start to think and worry, what will I tell my wife?  Our pay for the month was already budgeted. And I couldn’t touch any of it. I tell God to please help me. While driving to work I saw a small bank that gave small loans. They were high interest loan but only if you make payments on it. I can afford to pay it off in one shot. I got the money and instead of making payments on a loan, I will be finish with this one next month. I thought of what I was doing before, I was borrowing a large amount because they were giving me 2 years to pay it. With the new loan, I took exactly what I needed and I will just have one payment. In January In this case God again gave me the right idea. Not such a great rate but who cares I got what I needed for the holidays that’s what’s important.

Have a nice day
Tyrone Garcia

My book “soap that doesn’t clean” it’s on is way in a few more months.

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