Time will tell But we must have faith.

Have you ever felt like you were doing the wrong Job? I think that we do jobs so we can pay our bills and take care of a family, but are you happy doing it? Don’t you feel at times that you want to burst out of your life and do what you are really here to do?  Or can you maintain both? Many question to answer here tonight. I believe that whatever you are connected to is part of your walk towards your real goal. We live on a daily basis and try to find the logic in what we are doing. Some of us are happy with our current situations and some of us are confused. Our character defects at times make it difficult to figure ourselves out, we feel like a philosopher at times or an angry selfish person who can’t have all the toys we want. How do we maintain happiness when the bad news just keeps coming and you start to become miserable with life?  I have a friend who is trying so hard to get though the rough times that he sometimes just loses faith in his own judgment… He right away feels that all is lost and that there is nothing out there to help him. I have been there before and I am well aware of his feelings. I can only tell him be thankful for the little you have for they are many with less. He says “great I understand “but, because I have more than others I should accept my situation which is almost out the door?  I tell him a story. There was once a family who was very happy all was going good for them, but one day the dad lost his job. He had to work for almost 60% less of what he was making on his old job. One of his kids were in trouble  they needed money for the problem, the money they had saved was almost gone from trying to make ends meet.They prayed everyday as a family and stood faithful to God. The dad was going crazy and didn’t know what to do. He wanted to run away because he felt that wasn’t the job he wanted to do. A family member kept helping him from time to time and made sure he didn’t fall but, would allow him to struggle. That family member had all the resources to stop the bleeding but, felt as he needed to let him find what God has set up for him. With all the fighting and negativity the dad never gave up believing that Good times would come to the rescue. They even went into business and felt as they had arrived!! That business would fill them with riches and prosperity, it did, but later they had to sell it due to rough times again. The dad felt as he was lost and he never regains the happiness that he had before. He decided to go to school and in a simple email he noticed a poem that motivated him to write a book. He also started a blog and many people come every day to read his blog. He is doing what he came here to do. There are still some rough edges to deal with but the sun is starting to shine. Great things are on the way for the dad and his family and friends and to tell you how long ago his ordeal started, it was in August of 1997, and 15 years of struggles and the dad still has faith. If we allow the Universe to guide us we will eventually get to our destination. Perfect lives are not promised.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out early 2013

2 thoughts on “Time will tell But we must have faith.

  1. I recently had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Garcia. His spirit is generous and open. What a fine combination! The gifts of the Spirit. Those are A few of the attributes God in Spirit has left for us. More of these gifts are: gentleness, empathy, long suffering, helpfulness, and respect of living things. I, also, possess some of these gifts. Glorious Life when the gifts shine! Know your gifts; use your gifts and most of all share your gifts and your life will have meaning. Bienna

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