Faith is all you need!!

Faith is the only thing I need to survive in this world. The other day I shared about how I got a low interest loan for a car. After the purchase I start thinking about how can I use a raise, because I plan on buying a new home in Chesapeake. They are being built right now and I would like to own one. I was looking at my budget and noticed that I would be a little short if I purchased it. I also plan to buy in Puerto Rico in a couple of years so I can fly back and forth and have the life I would love to have. I tell the Universe what I want and leave it alone. A couple of hours ago my boss calls me and tells me about this new salary structure they are coming up with. I was given a nice size raise effective immediately and another one in 2013. That raise puts me in the bracket I needed to buy that house.  It’s like the universe said “your wish is my command”.  The good thing is I will move up in my position next year, at least I hope so; but the way things have been going for me I will get it, which will give me even more salary.  More and more I am starting to see how faith works when you work it correctly. I started 2012 on unemployment. I was wondering where I was going, and if I blew my chance when I sold the business. I was certainly lost, but still believing that God did not bring me so far to just let me fall. I started my second semester in college and by the 16th of January I was given the Job of Assistant Manager. Here I am in December with a new car, a book, being published at this time as I write, and thinking of buying a new condo for 2013, how can I not believe that faith is the only thing you need to practice toward spiritual and financial success. I fell right on my face in March 2009, but have gotten up with faith and forced myself to believe that my fall was just a part of my journey. Our failures can become our successes only the one who weeps in self-pity will never see the gifts that the universe has for him/her. We need to ask in order to receive but don’t go on like a broken record repeating yourself over and over again. For God knows what you want and need, if the birds and animals live long lives without worry just living their lives like a car driving on a dark highway knowing there is more pavement ahead, so can we. The universe provides, we are just too blind to see.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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