Puerto Rico has lots of potential.

Today I saw a very disturbing video about my beautiful island Puerto Rico. They are saying the island is going bankrupt and that no one should invest in us. The more they invest the more we are going under because we won’t be able to back up the demand. I really don’t understand all this, but I will say this how can a country with so many resources be struggling?  When I go visit the island I see nothing but tons of opportunities to make money. Today in the United States in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and  some other states,all  have been introduced into plantains’ Yucca, and Goya products. It’s not only New York and Miami Latin products are spreading and Puerto Rico is sitting there with fields of Plantains, Yucca, Bananas, Coffee, why are we not selling these products if Ecuador sells plantains’ and bananas to the US why isn’t Puerto Rico in the mix. Has food Stamps and crime become our capitalism, and the right to say I am an American. So what!!  We have become so delusional with this I am American crap that the  Mexicans and Central & South Americans have taken over all the Latin markets in the United States, and we sit with our phony American Puerto Rican pride attitude while others are getting rich. We have tried so much to be Gringo that we have lost our identity of whom we really are. Puertorriqueños.  In the early 50s when Puerto Ricans arrived in NY and some way before, found a new world more different than the one they came from and dominated. We had everything going our way, however the streets we were given were not the best, we had become slaves to the establishment Drugs, Welfare, negativity, envy, and despair. Others were positive and built Bodegas, supermarkets, went to college and became politicians, and the growth of our people was on. The problem here was we forgot about our island and only focused on our own needs. In 1965 Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos died.  The torture and resistance he was getting from United States and Puerto Rican officials showed signs that the United States wanted Puerto Rico to stay part of its union. Today the U.S says Puerto Rico is a risk. I don’t need you anymore if you want your independence you can have it.  Ok thanks!!  We have so much crime on the island that you will need to steamroll the entire island to start new. Than deport every criminal and drug dealer. I believe that Puerto Rico with all of its problems still can turn it around, however drastic changes need to be made. Law enforcement has to take back the streets. Welfare should be abolished and Jobs should be created. If you are on welfare guess what, we are going to the  fields to load trucks with vegetation and import them to our friends in The United States. Unfortunately people will only think I’m crazy, but I am not in need of saving anything. I live here in the states and i’m on a road to great success. However I am Puerto Rican and I am a concerned.  I don’t like to hear bad things about my island where I do have future plans to retire.

Have a bless day  “que vive la revolución”.

Tyrone Garcia.

This is the video I saw


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