The spirit of a friend saves my family.

I had a great day today, and it was almost my last. After finalizing the sale on my car this morning I decided to go visit my sister in Richmond Virginia. I wanted to spend some time with her and her husband. I my wife, daughter, and granddaughter all went. We had a good time we cooked some good food and had some good conversation. On our way back home at night I was driving and saw a car ahead of me turn hard to the right, as I got closer I saw a sofa in the middle of the highway while doing 75-MPH  my reaction was look left then turn hard over and dip around the sofa, the maneuver was successful, I took a deep breath and kept on driving. The outcome could have been hit the sofa the sofa hits the windshield and the rest is tragic. It didn’t happen and the first thing I thought of was God has come through for me again. Sometimes we feel as God has forgotten about us because we have struggles or whatever it is you are having problems with and God dosen’t come through for us. Well he does; like I have said before when you are getting ready to fall he will give you a hand, unless your time has come. 32 years ago  I was driving with my friend Gary Ruiz who passed this last week. His funeral was this weekend in NY but I couldn’t make it because I have to be in town on Sunday. We were coming from a party in Mt Vernon NY. We were drinking and driving fast on the Bronx River Parkway. It was late night and the lights on the highway like always were very little. There was a garbage can in the middle of the highway and he saw it and was able to do the exact thing I did a few hours ago. Maybe his spirit was with me again a few hours ago or just one of Gods angels. However I want to believe it was Gary and that he came to save me and my family ordered by the almighty himself. I really wanted to be there in NY this weekend, but I guess his spirit was here tonight. The miracles of God are always there for us sometimes we think it’s all about winning the lottery or coming into money it’s the big things like what just happened to me a few hours ago that tells me that God is always watching over us. And I know my old friend Gary Ruiz Is with him. Thank you Gary for the second time you have saved me from a bad accident. This is also a warning for those who like to text when driving always be on the lookout.

RIP Gary.

Have a safe weekend :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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