Technology Good or Bad

Technology is it good or bad?  I think both. Technology has done wonders for our way of life. People can live longer, lose weight, get around faster, and communicate with someone no matter where they are, it has been great for our society. .  It has also eliminated jobs; unfortunately, the good brings bad which is what keeps us working to find a better solution. On another note we are working all hours of the day.  Technology has increased our working hours and family time has been shortened. This is something that I wish they would work on. Too many parents are not raising their kids and that worries me. The internet is teaching our children.  Both husband and wife need to work in order to survive and grow.  Some families can even raise their kids the first year of their lives because right after the woman fells healthy, it’s back to work, now she needs to trust in a baby sitter if she can afford one.  The grandparents have to step in and help. I remember when I was a young child playing in the park, at six o clock sharp you would see the dads coming home for dinner and to be with their families. The mothers were doing their jobs raising the kids and a man can support their families with just one job. Some mothers who worked had no problem staying home and letting dad pick up the tab. Technology has run away with a lot of success, but has given society a larger problem. Raising our future the children, the mother is the most important part of the new born, she will teach them what they need In order to prepare them for the world they will run themselves when adults. Some will not learn anything; some will become very smart because, the mother is there to teach them. Some will grow with others and pick up the habits there are surrounded by.  One thing I can tell you to do is this; you have to learn and grow with the times those who are not will struggle for technology is getting rid of those easy jobs we use to get. The educated will conquer the workforce and the uneducated will find themselves drowning in a world that already is making it hard on them to find a good paying job.  Sometimes we sit back and say God will take care of it, but I learned that not to be true.  We create the situations in our lives. I lost a lot with that form of thinking, God will not do for you what you can do for yourself. God will only help you when you have tried everything and you are about to fall.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t Clean” will be out in early 2013

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