Creating happiness is our mission.

I am the peacemaker, the one who worries about everyone’s happiness, and puts himself last in order to keep the unity between family and friends. I am the one who says don’t worry about it I will do for you. I am the one that cannot see another person cry. I will take the blame in order to see someone smile. When I can’t help someone is when I am more involved in trying to find a solution. I am the one who takes his family to Disney world and enjoys seeing them happy, other people’s happiness is my way of enjoying life. When I was a young kid I would enjoy watching movies that brought happy endings. I love to see the surprise in someone especially when they overcome an obstacle that had them down. I remember one time there was a lady struggling to make ends meet she was sharing her problems in the AA meetings and no one did anything to help her. Her faith was growing thin and I noticed she was given up. I got some of the members together in order to put some money together to help her out a little, but the group felt it would be a mistake. I decided to make a move myself. I invited her to my home for dinner.  MY wife and kids greeted her with open hearts and she felt good. While my family hosted her I went to the supermarket and bought her some groceries. When she was ready to leave I told her that I had something to give her. I gave her the groceries, I filled her gas tank so she can be able to move around and find a job, and I gave her fifty dollars cash. The lady  was so happy that she started to cry and thanked us. I told her thank you, for allowing us to help you, the feeling I had inside was great there is no better feeling than when you help someone and they show you back gratitude. That is the real church of God, to give unconditionally without prejudice of belief. And always telling the person; to thank God for without he, I would not be able to help you.  People always have excuses not to help someone. Sometimes we can’t, but when we can we should always help with closed eyes. God has planted that person for you to help him/her. We should not judge for that is the reason the world is in the shape it is in. Help each other and together we will all find happiness.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book “Soap That doesn’t Clean” will be out in early 2013

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