The Car shopping Experience.

The car shopping experience can be fun especially when I use to be a car salesman. Yesterday I started looking for a Chevy Impala. The Puerto Rican Cadillac of the 70s, I am a Chevy guy and my 2001 Impala is going towards the grave yard. It has given me many years and I can still get another one if I put some money into it.. I will pursue a semi new one because I can’t afford a new one. Yesterday I saw a beautiful 2007 LTZ white impala with all the bells and whistles, which means fully loaded with a 3.9 engine. When you hit the pedal you could feel the power of the car. I decided to do business with the salesman and asked him how much. He tells me $14.900 I said “sure” in my mind I knew what he was doing setting me up for the real price. I took it home and showed my wife and did some research on the price and the car. I saw that the trade in value was $8700-$9400 that is what they bought it for. Private party was $12.300 and suggested retail was $13,400. I quickly fell  in love with the car, but knew the asking price was ti high. I started thinking of a fair price to offer, remembering I was on that side at one time. I understand the salesman has to make a living  so I didn’t want to be greedy. We the people must allow all people  to prosper not just yourself, because when you do that, more blessings come your way, for all of life is a circle, the money must flow happiness into everybody not just one. I decided to offer $ 11.500. for the vehicle whereas if the manager who bought that car was smart he put $8500 into it, because it was a trade in vehicle not a vehicle bought at the auction where used cars can be more expensive. That would have given them maybe after expenses 1900-2200 dollars in profits given the salesman 20% of the gross. That means the guy was looking at $400 commission for being with me a couple of hours. When I gave him my offer I was totally disrespected and asked, If I was crazy?  I said no, I did my research and I believe that was a fair price. We get into a heated discussion and he tried to show me other numbers, eventually I would leave heartbroken because I really liked the car. Though I did see a big difference in myself yesterday, in the past when I had more money,  I would have bought the car just because I liked it never thinking of the hard earned money I was given away. I expect a call today unless they did pay too much for it and are stuck with a crazy price they will never get. I thank the salesman for the experience for today I am a more intelligent consumer than before. So it was a positive experience. I saw a 2012 for 15.900 it’s not the LTZ, but hey it’s newer and less miles and that is what I need.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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