The war of the Wings,

I got to tell Ya!!! There’s a feud in my house over 2 chicken wings and some fried rice. How can this happen to my beloved family. For those who don’t know chicken wings has become like lobster tails in the United States. You have chicken wing franchises, chicken wings has become more popular than chicken breast. Are the Chinese using this as a weapon to turn us against each other?  I’m telling you I have a major crises mother and daughter are not talking. I and little Angelina are really trying to get a truce between the 2 forces but not even the soap opera they   have been watching for years can get them together. It all started with a trip to the Chinese restaurant. We bought some Chinese food but just 3 orders. Jeanette finished half her food expecting to save the 2 pieces of chicken wings and rice for later. In comes Terisita, offering Jeanette’s leftovers to Andre who didn’t care for none. Since I’m greedy I ate all my wings. Jeanette who most likely would of offered it didn’t, then sarcastically said “sure André you could have my food” Teresita who follows Puerto Rican culture to the fullest was angered over Jeanette’s comments. Both went to their rooms and are in war readiness..  Andre took another look at the wings and ate them. There is a big lesson to learn here and that is? Tyrone will write about anything, and I will share this on my Blog with the world. I will never eat another wing again.

Have a nice evening :0)

Tyrone GarciaFile:Homemade buffalo wings.jpg

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