Spending The afternoon with The Granddaughter.

There is nothing in the world better than spending the afternoon with my Granddaughter Angelina. I might say the park is a lot different than the one her mother Jeanette and I played in when babies ourselves. I lived in the Bronx and so did my daughter, me 27 years and Jeanette 7 years. I was able to take her out of housing Projects when very young. No offense; but the Bronx already destroyed me growing up; I didn’t want the same for her. Today I feel free from the oppressed mind I use to have before, which I call the American social order for Latinos and African Americans, the ghetto. I see everything much different than when I was young.  I see that most of the social problems in the Ghetto were inflicted by a higher up group of people who wanted to see us fail. We were so blinded by our dilemmas that we made it easy for our oppressor to succeed. When I was a kid growing up, I saw people shooting heroin in their arms, gangs, dirty streets, and garbage being thrown from windows. Whenever someone tried to clean and fix their area someone would come and destroy it. Anger is the one that motivated the people to be so savage in their own neighborhoods. I hate to put it out there but it’s true. How does that impact someone? A lot!! When I got sober I was staying in Bronx River for a couple of months, my girlfriend from Virginia was coming to visit me to see how I was doing. I was so worried about how she would judge me in the way my building was looking, that I cleaned the elevators and hallway before going to get her at the airport.  I started to notice the change in my life. The ugly streets of the ghetto were not so cool anymore. Luckily I had the job to free me from those streets. I raised my kids away from where I lived for many years. My daughter when 23 actually went back to the Bronx to live with her mother in order to take advantage of a Global Scholar program her mother got her into. It was a better area in the Bronx, and she graduated and came back here again to get her degree in Law. I do not feel like I’m better than anyone, however for me I like the good life and that is my choice. The suburban life is for everyone who wants it.



Have a nice day :0)


Tyrone Garcia


My book “soap That doesn’t Clean” will be out in early 2013


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