Life brings many changes.

I remember when in my teens and early twenties I would hang out all weekend. My parents would be home and I would say to myself how can they be home on a Friday night or Saturday. It was always the clubs and dancing, meeting women and partying all weekend. I never thought those days would come to an end. I couldn’t even start to think about spending the weekends at home. It’s Saturday Night and I am home. Sometimes dinner and a movie is what are exciting for this old party animal.  When I go to Puerto Rico I may visit  the hotels in San Juan which have entertainment for people my age. I love listening to live music, and at the hotels in San Juan They usually have a band playing. Here in Virginia Beach it’s all young clubs or just bars converted into clubs.  I like to here romantic music.  “so I can get those fires going”  I would love to live in Puerto Rico, however our current situation has us anchored here. The changes of life can really have you thinking. We never know what the future will bring us; “never say never” when I first started  working as a merchant Marine, the ship would port in Norfolk Virginia, I said I would never live here. I didn’t like it because it was too white and black with some old traits I didn’t like, and very little Latinos. 3 years later I was married and living in Norfolk than went on to Virginia Beach. I did go to Puerto Rico where I met my wife; however I talked her into coming to America. She was more than happy to leave her home, however my wife wasn’t some broke Puerto Rican woman from the hood trying to get out of her shitty home. She was part owner of Vargas Hardware and a Realtor of Vargas real estate Company, and also sang with her brother’s band. She had a lot going for herself.  How does a person leave all that for anybody! then go live in the South? She wasn’t happy.  A big change came for her she went from one world to another with a man she had met 5 years before that day, me. In my book I give the whole story of how we met early when we were married than after our divorces we met again than got married. We never had anything going on, I knew her through my cousin who was married to her brother. When I met her and her husband in 1987 in Puerto Rico, I never thought that in 1992 I would be marrying her. It’s just to show you our lives are planed and there is nothing we can do about it. Live and just accept the changes that occur God has a great plan for all of us. That’s why I say do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has already been planned. Just live and keep an open mind, all will be fine if you let God guide you.

Have a nice day ;0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t Clean”   will be out early 2013

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