The Big Red Ribbon

How beautiful is the night this late evening. Looking at the stars and the universe, I love to sit and think before I write.  I feel like I get my thoughts from the stars. How many times have I asked them for something and it was delivered.  The universe will respond to you in the exact way you asked. In December Of 1998 I got a Job as a car salesman, it was a new car dealership called Colonial Chevrolet in Norfolk Virginia. I was starting a new career and I saw many customers putting big red ribbons on their new cars for the Christmas Holidays. They were most likely gifts for family. I was not doing that good financially; within my mind I was saying I would love to buy my wife a new car for Christmas. It didn’t happen however the year started and I said to myself let me take care of my bills first and we will see later. I didn’t think I would be able to because I was in a huge debt. I forgot about the car and just concentrated on selling cars. I did pretty well that year and I sold a lot of cars. I was looking at the Monte Carlo and on occasions I would show my wife and she loved it. I wanted her to have but, I felt a new one would be out of my range along with my credit having some challenges. I always pictured myself taking that car to her with a ribbon on it. I sometimes would just sit in it and act like it was mine but, then come to the realization that it wasn’t.  On several trips to the finance Manager I ask if he could check my credit to see if it was ok.  He advises me to get a used one. I would than say “Ok” but the big red ribbon would look so much better on a new one. My wife and I just came out of a very bad situation where I had to quit my Federal Merchant Marine job so our money issues had changed for the worse, but the car business was starting to work and I was making 3000-4000 dollars a month,  I started cleaning up bills and past due ones also. On December 17th my finance manager told me he had found a bank that will help me and the interest rate wouldn’t be so bad and I could get a new one. I looked at my salary and my wife salary the bills and made adjustments. I bought her the car and put a big red ribbon on it and drove it to her Job. I went inside and asked her to come outside; I had a surprise for her. She came out saw the car and jump like a child. I had accomplished my thought and the universe had delivered; of course I than took the ugly Ford van, but every good husband knows the wife gets the new car and we get the old one. “Yes I know what you’re thinking “The universe didn’t give you nothing you did it all. Yes your thoughts are correct. However my positive attitude comes from the universe the universe allows your thoughts to become a reality. The universe connects with you all what you want; our faith is what drives us to do the right thing in life. “Oh” I forgot to tell you”, I never sold cars in my life until I started working there. I sold over 120 cars that year…….

Have a nice Day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in early 2013

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