Do They believe in Thanksgiving

What I learned about the Thanksgiving Holiday was; the pilgrims who were European Immigrants Shared a meal with the American Indians the Indians showed them how to use the land and all of its resources for survival. That sounds like a great unity of people working together in Harmony. It is what makes God happy. When people work together the results are awesome. How did such a beautiful day turn a beautiful country into the ugly country we have today?  Greed, Imagine if the Indians would of said “hey this is our country” why do we have to help those immigrants? We should build a wall so they can’t get in!  I’m tiered of sharing our country with them. There is so many of them coming in. No the American Indians were humble and accepted them and shared. There was enough land for everyone and as long as they lived in harmony and respected the mother earth they could only grow into happiness, and prosperity. Unfortunately some others had different ideas. The Indians day by day started to lose their country due to greed. The religion used was Christianity, the same they used and abused in the Caribbean. The name of Jesus was used to justify the enslavement and the robbery of the Americas. It’s a shame that America turned out in that way because, if that dinner would have stood a success, America would have probably been a better place morally. “Yes” America is a great place next to other counties, but at what expense? On that day everyone was sharing and no one was left out. Today very few share and there are millions left out. There are still people who try to help those who don’t have to eat, and there are those who don’t care, their attitude is “I worked hard for what I have I don’t owe no one anything” we all have a strong responsibility to help our fellow brother and sister. I remember my Father In-law who Passed Leon Vargas, Who could of lived like a king In Puerto Rico, He told me this ‘“I can drive whatever car I want and live in any house I want, However I will live moderately, so I can help family, and friends when they are in need, just asking for help is enough to get my attention.”. Leonides Vargas..That was very true about him. Rest in Peace My Other Father. I will follow your legacy when coming to materialism and morals….

Have a great Holiday :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book ” Soap That doesn’t clean” will be out in early 2013

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