Socialism or Capitalism You Choose.

Is socialism good or is capitalism the way to go? I believe both complement each other.  Socialism; the help of the Government it’s a good benefit but, do people take advantage of it? Yes they do.  I think one of the social mistakes we made was welfare. I remember how people took advantage of the welfare system. They would get the benefit and not say anything about the extra income they were getting from their boyfriend or unmarried husband. Getting married would eliminate their benefits so they would just stay neutral. It’s a way to keep people down and the Government in control.  It could be good temporary; unfortunately people get use to it and try to hold on as long as they can.  The Government will spend millions on welfare every month but, will not start a program to help one of those welfare recipients to start a business. How about finding out what can that person do? Than helping with a small interest loan were they could start their own business. It will create a better future for the person in need and the money will come back to the Government along with creating more jobs, if the business is successful. Sometimes free money could be slavery in disguised; for they are still people depending on welfare from the 70s. No American should be hungry, without healthcare, or a place to live. But no American should be fooled into a system that makes them lazy and takes away the pressure of responsibility. We all are responsible for our decisions most people on welfare made bad decisions and now the taxpayer has to flip the bill. Men need to take care of their children families need to help their kids. I’m not talking about the family who has been hit with bad times and need it, I’m talking about people who take chances knowing they can get assistance if they make a mistake.

Capitalism is very simple; it needs to be regulated. I don’t think it’s fair for a millionaire who is already successful to compete against small business owners who are trying to achieve the same goals as them. Super Markets should sell food not cooked food. Pharmacies should sell medicine” boy is medicine expensive enough to keep them going” Warlmart,   another greedy company forcing its employees to work on Christmas Day. They drown out many businesses! They do almost everything but sell cars. What these monster chains do is turn us into slaves. They own us and if we don’t do what they tell us they fire us, even if they are wrong. The people though are fools; because they run and support them. Small business supports the local economy. They buy the expensive cars their kids spend money; they could afford the expensive houses and create jobs in the area. I do understand that chains also create jobs, however the salaries are small and the managers neither make good salaries so that guy on the lot waiting to sell a Mercedes can’t. So he loses money. In order for prosperity to travel money has to go in circles so that all can have money to spend. The earth is a circle so is life, for all to be correct money should be distributed in the same circle. Greed is killing our world society. We waste so much time collecting money for the needy how about letting all of the people capitalize and not just the few who are. The problem with our society is that the money is spent the wrong way. Programs are a waste of time. The programs we need are growth in mind and in spirit. I never in my adult life lived of welfare, even when I needed it. I prefer to suffer. When I was in business we never had healthcare on a constant basis because I couldn’t afford it. Sometimes when the store did well I would get a policy but then when things got bad I allowed it to lapse. My only words for my children were, don’t get sick. I believe people need help but, they also need to capitalize.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book ‘Soap That Doesn’t Clean” will be out in early 2013

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