“Racism is a weapon”….

Racism is not the real problem but, a weapon used to hide the real enemy!  we are all in it together, for many years social problems has been placed by the real enemy in order to keep us of balanced from the real culprit Money, and power, to take over our lives. We start up groups that prepare to fight the wrong people while the masterminds sit back and capitalize from our blindness. We have been fooled into a belief that soon will baffle us and tell us how we have allowed these devils to enslave us; when I say devils I don’t mean white people neither for every nationality has good people. We soon will be the rebels against the evil empire. Star wars was a warning not a movie. Live your life in love for your neighbor, no matter how much you hate them for it will be your only salvation when the time comes. Evil has been here for centuries and it has fooled us into the angry beliefs we have. Respect people not money for money will never be enough and we will continue to make the wrong decisions trying to achieve it. I myself had the wrong impression about life until I had a vision this morning of what has really happen to us. Segregation from harmony and peace for we have accepted wars not from logic but from hate. The real wars are just setups for the people who start them they do it to benefit themselves and it’s not in the best interest of the people. God is trying to speak to all of us and it’s up to us to listen. Our hopes are based on Goals, of Money, Power, Success, education, financial prosperity, but let’s face it, once we are doing great we forget about the rest of the people who are still in turmoil and most important God. We’re blinded by materialism for that is where the devil loves to take you vanity. We justify allowing others to starve because we feel they deserve it. We accept the wars because we hate the race we fighting. The average person when making money forgets about the past. I myself had fallen to that. When I was in business all I cared about was money I even voted twice for Bush, the man responsible for our down fall. How do I go from Democrat to I only care about myself Republican. I today look at money as something to use to live, not a goal. I will change all my morals to just one.  To just love and respect those who follow God and I have awakened to the truth. When praying this morning I saw the sun come through the clouds which gave me hope that God will win this war we have no matter what happens to us as followers we will prevail.

Have a bless Day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

2 thoughts on ““Racism is a weapon”….

  1. I disagree that Republicans are for others.  They are for themselves – those in power are making laws for us – not for them – they are getting richer and richer – and more powerful and how does that benefit us?  If we each work and achieve – then we get to help others – it’s the way our country was built – Bush gave us problems but Obama is compounding the problems by a magnitude not calculable.   We are going bankrupt in believing that debt to China is the way to progress for our country.   

    I could go on and on – but I agree with your assessment about racism – it isn’t about color because each nationality and color and belief system has it’s own brank of racists.  What divides us is looking for the differences rather than seeing what makes us all the same and working with that. 


    “We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”                                                                                                                       Fr. Richard Rohr


    • My description of the republican was of how I see them. what I meant was how my compassion changed for others all I cared about was myself and the feeling I get from republicans is that.however I do believe in small government but I’m not against Americans getting help from the gov neither I am more of an independent today. I don’t believe in neither dem. Or rep.

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