Puerto Rico No 51

Puerto Rico will it be state no 51,? Maybe, 64 % of the vote said yes!, but do the republicans want it? It would swing more power over to the Democrats.The Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuno was in favor; however he just lost to Padilla, who isn’t. For me it’s no biggie whatever my people want let them have it. I’m not that excited over it. I always believe Puerto Rico could do better on its own. I see the people becoming more dependent than growing. Puerto Rico will get more help financially and all eyes will be on the government so they will have to run the island a lot better. The biggest problem in Puerto Rico is the corruption in politics. The drugs, and violence, are what makes Puerto Rico an unsafe place, the law needs to get tougher and law enforcement personal need to get paid better. The schools are terrible if you don’t send your kids to private school their hope is doomed. Puerto Rico needs lots of changes. I feel those changes can happen if enforced correctly. We must remember one thing! Our country was destroyed by the American social order. When Puerto Ricans arrived in NY they picked up the habits that most immigrants pick up in the streets of the ghetto. Then took it back to PR and corrupted the others.  I remember a friend of mine who was growing up with me and was turning bad. His parents sent him to Puerto Rico in order to save him, something many Puerto Ricans did when they notice their children picking up bad habits. In 1991 I was dating my wife who is Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico; we were in a concert in the stadium Hiram Bithorn,  we left a little early because I didn’t feel good. While walking to the car I noticed some guys following us I tell my wife “run and I will handle, them” she said “no, I am staying with you”! As the guys got closer I noticed one of them, it was X I said “Yo what’s up x” he said “that’s you Tyrone” I said yes, we talked and I learned of his drug addiction and of his life of crime,  I was  living sober and I told him about what I did. He was with his cousins who he probably taught what he learned in NY. He told me the stories of his life and I noticed how Nuyoricans that were being sent to Puerto Rico to change were just bringing over the junk we learned in the streets of NY. The past is the past let bygones be bygones, however our island is doing pretty bad and statehood or no statehood we are in dire need of change, and law enforcement along with education being a priority, and if the US want to help it could start with those 2 problems. If Puerto Rico does become the 51st State then I say watch what you ask for it might not be as good as you think. But any way Good luck!!

Have a nice Day :0)

Tyrone Garcia
my book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean “will be out in 2013

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