A positive bus ride.

I remember when young how I use to love going on bus rides. We would ride to the country were there were no dirty streets. Beautiful landscape and houses is what I would see. I would say “wow there is another place to live other than mine” How do I get there? Do I run or crawl? Or do I just hide?  How hungry I was for the new streets I saw, I wanted to stay but couldn’t  I was from the other side, I was just here for today, so I just will have to enjoy the trip, for I was about to fall into the abyss of knowing that there is another world better than mine., but I wasn’t ready, for I was still locked up in that palace called mental enslavement, Ghetto man who couldn’t say a word without the f word.. I would go home and think of myself living in that same place, no matter what, I wanted the life of the middle class for the poor was not for me. Why can I have it? I remember my mom saying money is no good, it’s not for us. I would say,” Bull” I want the life of a rich man, because a poor man is never happy he is miserable, on welfare, living with the rats, and roaches, man “I don’t want to live here” I want the middle class… That day would come many years later and in 1994 I bought my first home in another state “AHHHH yes “I got what I wanted the middle class. New car, home, great job wife everything it’s just going my way. Trips to Disney rental car, airplane, and hotel just like a rich man, A job where I traveled the world and enjoyed different customs, I even went to the holy land Israel, “yes” I had arrived.  All I had to do is believe and it all became a reality. I never looked back for the ghetto is now a memory, I do miss some of it, but not much!  for I have found a new life were the streets are not full of drug dealers, drive by shootings, and mothers looking for their children, wondering if they were dead. I am blessed, God has allowed me to make my dream a reality, you are what you think, and your thoughts will become your life.

Have a nice day J

Tyrone Garcia

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