Four more years.

The election is over and Barack Obama is our President. I’m happy to see the man get 2 terms. I myself feel that the republicans are losing the country to issues that has made them the greedy that don’t care about the needy. There is more independent growing like myself that can go with either side. There are lots of immigrants that are voting and the young people are also voting that don’t like the republican mentality. I myself believe that the Government is responsible for the welfare of all Americans not just the rich and racist, the tea party hasn’t helped the republicans neither, the Latino vote in America also is getting big and immigration issues are killing the Republicans, an issue they should just bury. I have never seen Latino show any signs of terrorism. I have seen only the same thing since the white man came to America, when it was just Indian. Some were bad some were good it hasn’t changed in over 500 years. The republicans always bring up the money issue; let’s look at one, welfare food stamps. Well don’t these welfare recipients spend those food stamps at the local store?  A store which creates jobs and money for their suppliers and themselves, Medicare; doesn’t the old deserve to be treated to good healthcare I mean they only gave us life and raised us. There are lot of consequences when certain things aren’t done correctly like families not having food, or medical assistance, a job, I believe that the republicans have done everything to make it hard On the democratic President so they could say I “told you so” The president has opened the door for education you can hardly get a parking spot at Tidewater Community College. The construction going on, the programs that have helped people get a home or the elimination of the pre existing health that would make you pay out of pocket for a year on medical, when getting new health insurance. The democrats are needed heavily when the economy is down. President Roosevelt said that all Americans should have a good life. Something the republicans only want for themselves. In my book I discuss how I didn’t get one dime from the Government and grew into having my own business and living great. However I did get assistance from a rich family member so I still needed help financially, we all do, and unfortunately for some people they don’t have rich connections like some of us, so they need the Government which is fine with me.  The church is something else, going with the conservative well; I just don’t understand there is no room for God and politics. They tend to forget that Jesus would have been a socialist more than a conservative that is why I don’t believe in the church, I believe in Jesus, but not the church. If I gave them 1.00 a week they will eventually tell me something. However they want you to vote conservative. They are just full of themselves. Well I guess the best man won and hopefully some ideas that the republicans have could be used, maybe they could help along with their constituents to help Barack to fix the country, I believe both together could do a lot.  Unity is always the bigger winner.

May you all have a bless day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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