The Universal Plan

Sitting at night under the stars, thinking of my next move, what can I do to make my future more interesting?  I write and I cook and I’m good at both. Ah `yes! I have it. Let me keep it to myself and make it a surprise for 2013 for it will start with a blast. Will I rocket into another dimension? The dimension of prosperity and financial security, “I would certainly hope so “My mind is always running with ideas so I could better myself. I have fallen many times; but have gotten myself back up; I’m the Rocky Balboa of obstacles. There is nothing that could knock me down hard enough to keep my down. A trait I learned in the Bronx growing up. I don’t pray I listen; for God is tired of hearing my wants. When I listen to God he tells me what I need to do to get those wants. He gave me a great goal to follow. It is “continue doing what you are doing and all will come together’ for his plan is better than mine. I see light at the end of the tunnel a tunnel that has been very long, long enough to give up and quit. 2012 has been a great year many good things has come to me, A special friend has motivated me into all that I do. In January there were no thoughts of blogs, books, and hope of starting something new. Only despair of carrying the past failures. My failures has become my successes, my mind is free of all that kept me in silent scorn. I have awakened into an oasis of happiness and fun. Understanding one thing, “it isn’t over yet”! Time for another run for the top!  I was almost there before but fell short. I will go forward with the master plan and achieve 5x more than what I was going for before. How great is the spirit when one allows it to guide you through life. I will not only allow it, but close my eyes and give my hand to it and let it take me. For I will prevail I will laugh last not at the people but at my worries that kept me blind to the great future the spirit has for me. Let me go and walk on a dark road, that will only need faith to walk on not lights.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book; Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in 2013 along with the master Plan……

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