Who’s in charge

The aftermath of hurricane sandy has left millions of people without power, cars, and homes. Every storm always does the same some of dodge a bullet and some of us don’t; but we all will one day be devastated by it, if you haven’t yet. I have never lost anything in a hurricane because the only things I care about are I, my friends and family, “Life period”. You can always buy another house, car, clothes, what you can’t get is another life. Hurricanes give us a warning which allows us to leave the area so we shouldn’t be there when it comes. The message is when nature takes control everything stops, no armies, Governments, money, power, nada nothing can stop it. We are powerless over it. It controls and brings us to our knees. Something the whole world needs so they can wake up and be more compassionate to those who need it. Those who walk by the hungry, the needy, and the sick, the weak, for the way you treat your fellow brother; nature will treat you. Are these punishments from God? No it’s our very own anger. Our energy of hate, envy, greed, it travels into the earth and universe; what you put out comes back to you, unfortanely it hurts everybody in sight. People sometimes need to be reminded of who really is in charge. When the earth crumbles your morals won’t save you, only the morals you practiced will; for we talk a lot about God, but do we really follow him? How do we carry ourselves throughout the week? Are we very spiritual in church and full of ourselves in the real world? I believe that none of us are perfect with morals, but we need to work better toward being more compassionate towards others. Love is the only religion we need to follow. And tolerance is our code. We make up excuses to fail people because inside we have no tolerance to teach the teachable. We only want to make ourselves feel comfortable and the hell with the rest of the world. If a republican and a democrat were fighting for their lives and both needed each other wouldn’t they compromise and agree quickly on a solution? Or will they stand firm on their own unrealistic ideas. .If the head leader of the Aryan brotherhood was with the head leader of the black Muslims and they were surrounded by man eating sharks and there only survival was to make peace will they? Why do we need a catastrophe in order to bring love and understanding to our circle of life? I guess maybe one day we will get the message,” who knows” maybe aliens will come down and tell us HEY CHILL OUT and you will all have peace and prosperity for all people and the only country will be the earth as a whole.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

My book “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in 2013

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