A day in church

Today I decided to accompany my daughter and granddaughter to church. I haven’t had a Sunday off in a few so I guess I would go and see what she is hearing. The speaker today didn’t grab me at all, like always talking about how money shouldn’t be your God. The group was a Spanish group; I always prefer to go to the Spanish speaking churches because I believe in supporting my own kind; even though I don’t agree with them at certain times. Living in Virginia Beach the English speaking churches have enough people to get support as for the Latino ones could be small and in dire need of support for their survival. It was about 20 people, in a small room, in a big church owned by another group, English speaking.. They were mostly Central Americans. There came a time when I wanted to preach while I was there, because the speaker didn’t make any sense to me. She even disrespected the people by telling them they are people here who are phony. I guess people just like spending their Sunday morning in church just for the hell of it. I believe people go to church on Sundays to find God not to be insulted, every human- being that is wrong will give himself /herself a self appraisal eventually and change or continue to suffer.  I believe what people need is motivation not fear. We all struggle in life and we understand that there is a God But sometimes Christians contradict themselves to much which confuses you, they turn God into a selfish greedy leader who wants everybody to just love him or he will send you to hell. With the rest of the world that isn’t Christian. I had the benefit of visiting Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, when I was sailing and sober I wrote about my experiences there in my book. However I will give you a brief peak. “ As I sat in the garden of Gethsemane while taking a break from the tour, I decided to have a brief meditation, I asked Jesus in my mind why is it that religion has separated all of us and it has been taught like someone trying to sell you something. The massacre of Native American, central, and South American Indians slaughtered, by people hiding under Christianity.   The enslavement of the Negro man and the killing of millions of Jews the wars ETC, was that the message you wanted your apostles to pass on to the world”?  I got no answer,  which meant “No I did not”. God does not care about who has money and who hasn’t  The teaching of Christ was Faith, Compassion, Love, Respect, AND DON’T JUDGE, Imagine a world just practicing those simple little rules. There is a story Of a Taino Indian being tortured during the Spanish Inquisition. As the Indian was hanging bleeding to death; a priest tells him “If you turn yourself to Jesus this will end and you will be free” The Taino, said is this the kingdom of your God” the priest answered yes. The Taino, said “” I rather go to another place”

Have a nice day:0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book  “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

6 thoughts on “A day in church

  1. I hear you I have visit a lot of churches in va and find them all to be about money or status I visit wave church because I love there worship they stay on the topic ( god ) you can wear what ever you feel like even if you have blue hair they greet you with a smile and they don’t preach you to sleep . But there isn’t anything like the old school church where it was about god not the building funds.

  2. That story you left at the end is sort of unclear because that’s not biblical. The bible doesn’t tell us to run around beating people to death to get them to serve Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I am unsure if you believed the story you told to be related to the gospel of Jesus Christ but I felt the need to make a comment.

    • I was talking about a moment during the Spanish Inquisition Of the Tiano Indians during 1500s Spain used Religion to justify The robbery of the so-called new world. A new world that was already inhabited by people. But my point is, That sometimes in Religion people use fear to enslave others. I have no problem with Religion, however people should join out of love, and belief, not fear,and worry, of going to hell.

  3. Your welcome! I miss your Spanish restaurant Teresitas. I also will be looking into purchasing the book! Take care

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