What happens to a person or family when life is just too much for them to handle? They become homeless. Tonight as I was closing the store I saw a homeless man sitting on the floor with his bags or personal items. What could of happen to him; that gave him these bad times? They say most of America is one paycheck away from that disaster. Every day I see more and more people begging for money on the streets. I once saw a family, Husband, wife, and children, sitting on the side asking for money, I always give them if I can.  How does this happen? Not all of them were drinking alcohol, or using drugs; some of these people really had some hard times and didn’t have any friends who can help them. So they just said screw it, “I give up, society has gotten the best of me and I have nothing left”. Welfare is not the answer for some of these people because they want nothing to do with the Government. They feel as America said, “later for you “I tell you this, every time I come across these people who have hit a financial bottom.  I say “I have nothing to complain about”. I even feel bad going to my home knowing that there are people on the streets and while I have a warm bed they are sleeping on the street with their children. I remember when I had the big home; I had several people stay with me that needed a place to stay. Here I was living in this high end neighborhood bringing home people who were without a place to stay or just needed a place till they can find one. My parents were the same. We even had a guy wanted for murder in another state stay with us, at the time my parents didn’t know, but It was someone my brother Angelo [May he RIP], met while in Job Corp, he didn’t know neither. A lot of people, who worked for me when I had the restaurant, had the privilege of living with me. I would try to help them find a place. I remember one guy who came home from jail he was married to one of my waitresses; her family didn’t want anything to do with him. He was living in the street, One night when I closed the restaurant it was raining, I drove by him, but I couldn’t keep going, I ask my wife if she felt comfortable letting him stay with us. She said yes it’s OK   I bought him home and gave him a job. Within 3 days I found him a place to stay and gave him in advance on his salary, so he could pay for is new room that he needed.  I never turned away anybody. Maybe that is why I have not fallen when I should of myself, I lost everything in 2009, the way I live you would think I haven’t lost anything, but I did. God the universe will always take care me, because the universe is like a magnet what you put out you receive, and as long as you have compassion and faith you will never fall. If I who wasn’t a millionaire just had a small business, could help, why can’t the super rich do the same?

Have a bless day; and remember for every thank you, you get from someone who is grateful to you, the universe will give it back to you 3 times more. Let’s help each other and get the world back on track.

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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