We create our own Obstacles not God

Good afternoon. I love to write about stories I read on the internet or experiences I had that are conducive to what I witness on a daily basis. I criticize it and see where I myself have faults also; not judging, but analyzing. One thing I have read is, People blaming the highest power in the universe {God} for their struggles.  I believe that all the struggles I had were of my own fault, however it did lead me to my destiny. One of the biggest problems today in spiritual recovery is that people don’t believe in God because they blame him for their downfall. Yes there are miracles performed everyday by the higher power; because we have made the road to happiness harder than the script has been written. For instance the human mind has an ego whenever it’s taught something it does the opposite because of curiosity. If I teach you how to make a cake you will take my directions and tweet them to your way, thinking your-way is better. It doesn’t come out like in the book so we than become furious and destroy something that should have been easy. “Trust me” I have been through continuous obstacles in my path’ but when I take an inventory, I see where I made the bad decision not God. Today I consider myself a writer; for all that I lived has a terrible or great story to tell, and as you can see I identify with all I write, because there are  my own experiences. Whatever I witness I can understand. You would think God gave me my obstacles. “Not true” If I would of continued in school and went on to college when young and not used drugs to find a thrill and involved myself with gangs, I would still be a writer; but writing about someone else problems. Sometimes politics and the system have more to do with your struggles than God. We live in a capitalistic society if you don’t have money you struggle….  When Adam ate the apple free will was given to all humans so God has nothing to do with your mistakes you do. What we do have that allows us to get help from the almighty is; we have a destiny that we have to foresee in our future. It could be an early death or long life but through humility we will see what we need to learn in order to do what we come here to do. So blame your struggles on yourself not on God.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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