The Hallways.

The biggest hangout in the winter at night was the hallways. The 2 girls with me are Jenny on my left and Donna on my right neither were my girlfriends; they were just Girls I knew.  In those hallways you learned a lot, we also learned how to get high. We spend hours talking about things and joking. Every now and then we fantasize about what we would like to have in the future, but the minute you looked at your surroundings you knew it was going to take a huge fight to get out. In that picture I was 18 years old, Jenny the Tan girl on my left was younger, and she also died young to RIP, both her parents died young and left Jenny and her younger sister,, and Brother Ruben alone. The younger sister is doing fine, however no one knows the whereabouts of her brother and old gang member and friend Ruben.. Donna the one on my right is doing good and living in North Carolina. It’s kind of messed up how in the pictures I have, there is a dead friend in each one. Why is there more grief than happiness in my past, I sometimes wonder myself why did God leave me alive. As much danger I put myself into it’s, a miracle I am still here. “I’m searching though” I know there has to be something God has me setup to do. Maybe I’m doing it now?  Whatever it is, I will move mountains to satisfy him for the last 21 years of my life has been a blessing. Today’s bad news is not as bad as the ones in the past. I remember in a class last semester the Professor asked us how do we feel,  I said great,  the student next to me said; why are you always feeling so great?  I said, “I am alive”.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon

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