The sun will shine in December.

Complacency what is it? To be satisfied with the present moment, and not moving own.  How many of us feel that we don’t need anything?  We are already happy with our current situation and have no need to grow any more. This is a terrible way to go about life; because we all need to hit our highest goal in life, and that is to see how far you can go. Not where greed is involved, but where intelligence is. The more we learn the better we are to ourselves and our community. I have been sober for 21 years and I always am involved in some kind of new goal. Keeping my mind moving and adding more knowledge to myself. When I have shared at alcoholic support group meetings; I have notice people still in the first level of sobriety, that are still fighting with character defects they want to keep alive. However with all this that I talk about, I myself have become a victim of this terrible attitude. I started this semester with a great GPA actually 3.5. My first couple of semesters was all about writing and Spanish classes, something that I don’t need discipline for. I took on a math class, and biology class that require a lot of studying this fall; I failed the exams early, when question my response was I have a career I don’t care. How much was that startled over the failure or cockiness? Both! the response of I already have a career was just a defense mechanism of hiding my embarrassment of failing. Well I will be able to salvage math, but I have to withdraw from Biology if I want to keep my GPA. The Professor did tell me something inspiring, He said that I had what it takes to pass, but I must keep my expectations higher than what I have them; when referring to Just all I want is an Associate’s Degree,. He said I could get a PHD if I wanted, but I must not get complacent because of the successes I already have. What a great point. I have to take it,  so I could fulfill a destiny, I maybe avoiding, because of laziness to do what I need to do. How easy it is to not follow your own advise!!.” Why do I put my business out to the world”? Because when you share your mistakes with the world; someone who has not made a bad decision yet; gets the opportunity to identify, than make corrections of their own situation. Whenever I or anybody helps someone, even though you feel down about your failure,, the sun will shine on them ,if they take heed to your message; but it will also come back to shine on you. 2 more months to go and hopefully the sun will shine in December. “If I helped somebody”  “it will definitely shine”.

Have a nice day

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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