The Universe is my Savior.

The sea is a great getaway when you are sick of the world. When I started sailing in 1988 it felt as I was relieved from the world. I flew to Alicante, Spain, to join the USNS Sirius. When I arrived in Spain it was different especially the Spanish I thought they had big tongues because they sound like they had something in their mouth. The next day the ship left port and went to sea. I got very ill from bouncing around, but got used to it. I would sit outside when the sea was still and just watch how the ship powered itself on the large body of water. I felt as I was in another world as we got further away from land. The night was beautiful if the moon wasn’t full, you could see the Universe. “How beautiful was the night and its shooting stars” for my failed past life was now a story and  not a reality? I was in a world where man has not built or destroyed. It took me 3 years to get sober, for I continued my irresponsible drinking in the ports of Europe. Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, was my first ports the first 3 years. I had lots of fun and lots of fights in Europe you will get into a fight quick if you disrespect them. I remember a night in Palma de Mallorca Spain, I almost lost my life. In my book I have the stories. I survived, however I was wearing down and time was running out. I had to do something or I would die on the streets like a dog. When the ship would go back out to sea I would pray and ask God for a solution for life is like a linear Equation moving numbers and variables from side to side until you have 1 left with the variable. I remember while praying one time I saw a shooting star; I felt as God said “I hear you son good times are coming” I never liked my life I knew it wasn’t right , I just didn’t know how to quit my drinking and being so angry. My childhood life had a lot to do with it, but I will not learn that until I started writing a Journal and being honest with myself. Eventually God did grant my wish and I received sobriety in June of 1991, I have not had a drink since. I was able to go back to those countries and look at them with sober eyes, I also added Egypt, Israel, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Cyprus, Tunis, Algiers, Honduras, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Jeddah, to my journey. God has giving me things that no one can give me, and no one can take away.  I have some very expensive memories and at one time I had the experience of having lots of money, if we have the patience, you can see and experience all your dreams. I still today sit outside at night and look at the stars. When I need something I ask and if it’s not about my Ego, God will let me have it.

Have a nice day and week :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap That doesn’t Clean” will be out soon.

It’s being edited at this time so there is still some time to go.



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