Math is life

Math, almost everybody I know hates math why?  The subject is all about problems. The other day while in math class, I was wondering why do I have to learn this? I had a business for 10 years and used simple arithmetic. I never used variables and problems such as linear equations, and all the mess 7x+9(13-9)= 8x(23-89) +78. I just made that up, but what does that have to do with the world of solving 23 dollars -10=. 13 simple, it will never get any harder than that, with excel, being a manager on my job, the computer does everything for me, I just punch in the numbers. However while wondering off in my biology class the other day a  thought came to my mind, Math is life. When its 2+2 life is easy, but when it’s 8x+9(5+8)+8=_23(x-45)+9  it gets harder.. My life along, with many other peoples lives have been just like that problem I wrote, an ongoing bunch of numbers that is hard to solve without a fight. The other day my wife brought home something that needed to be put together, the kind you say “why did you buy that thing for”. In the past it would have went to a closet or the garage. I decided to look at it, and eventually I put it together. That was math, learning how to solve the problem and actually using your brain. We use the computer today, it has spell check, grammar check, almost everything you need to correct words, which could be a bad thing; because we are just learning how to use the computer and not learning how to spell. If the word shows up red just right click and it will correct it for you. Technology is great, but it also makes us dumber. Math is the last subject that allows your brain to work and solve. Everything else is just reading and remembering. My attitude has shifted towards the one time hated subject, because it opens my mind, and makes me think. I am still struggling with it, but I am becoming stronger within my mind and have been given more ammo in order to fight against the problems of life. Pass or fail it doesn’t matter, failure brings attention, and urgency, and passing, gets us to the next level. Either way you are a winner. The losers are the ones that don’t try.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

2 thoughts on “Math is life

  1. Great post. I concur with your notion about the importance of math in education. You want to know the reason why we’re able to soar into the Cosmos and gain a greater understanding of our universe? Simple: Math. A mathematical approach to life is making sure you’re making the analytical choices to get your answer, and what happens when you don’t get the right answer? You try again.

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