Open Your eyes we are being set up for the kill!!

Money how much do we fight for it? We love it so much we spend a large part of our time trying to get it. We get divorces, go to jail, lose our friends, and become slaves over it. Some of the biggest fights you will have at home will be over money. Money controls our lives. Everything we do is for money. You work all week and then open the mailbox and their goes all your money back to where it come from nowhere. Money will tell you how to raise your kids, where you can live, and if you will eat this week or day. Some of us don’t have that worry because we make so much of it. However every now and then one will lose his or her job and life will become a pure hell, so it’s worse for those who have it than those who don’t There is really nothing you can do about it because money controls everything. Prices are getting higher and salaries are getting lower, what do we do? Has capitalism become another way of a country enslaving its people, and becoming a dictatorship? We all are not millionaires; most of the people are one bad paycheck away from the streets. It’s funny how we put down other countries, but ours is just as bad. Small business doesn’t work no more because the people prefer ambience over a good meal cooked by your local mom and pop restaurant. The problem here is not the Government, it’s the people! The people support all these monster businesses and don’t even know they are enslaving themselves by doing it. For every super walmart, there go 10 small businesses closing. I remember the pharmacy when it wasn’t a franchise, you can go and get your medicine with no problem, because the pharmacist had the common sense to give you the medicine without the prescription that you did not have at the moment, he also knew the doctor. Today if you are on medication, that you can’t miss, you have to sit there and beg for it. When you went to the local supermarket if you was short a dollar or less the owner would say “don’t worry, Bill bring it to me tomorrow” Another problem is all the medication you are given today, have we lost our immune system that fights of illnesses? I don’t take medication unless I have to, because today’s meds fixes one problem and starts another. The plan is to keep you buying medication so the Pharmacies can grow. The Government at times makes rules to kill small business so the big ones can take over, and give larger contributions to the politicians. We need to stop and think, what is happening to us. I think we are being set up for the kill. Support your small business even if they don’t look as good as the big ones. Looks are deceiving.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon.

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