A great ending to a day.

I have spent almost all day looking at photos of the past. I have relived many moments of me and my family so many good times and of course some bad ones; I took my wife out to dinner and enjoyed a great evening. I sit here in front of my computer and see how many post I have written, I could have another book, cooking here. People are always giving me ideas because they believe in me, but inside I just want to be free from all the ambition of money. I believe that God has given me life for free; all I have to do is follow a few simple rules. Love! That’s all, love people the way you want to be loved back; the only goal I want to follow. I remember a few months ago a great friend ask me how was my trip to Puerto Rico. I really didn’t know how to answer. At the moment, I  was thinking about how I can get my book into circulation. The best part of the trip was the 2 movies I saw, going on the plane, and coming back. One was about a greedy publisher, who got saved spiritually by the author of a book, and the other was a wild journey that took several people for a wild ride into an island that didn’t exist, in the end they all got their wishes. They had to fight for it. But they achieved it. That gave me enough proof that I was on the right track. For me I am the type of person that moves with my surroundings, I look for signs. I do tend to make many mistakes, but I’m on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. I was already a tough guy, womanizer, and capitalist. I want to find the true meaning of life in the real way Gods wants us to be. When I had my business I could never tell a person no, even when I should of, For many years I lived a phony life thinking that making money and being hard was the righteous way.’ How foolish one can be when following the fool who portrays himself to be righteous, but inside is nothing but a parasite” eating away your soul daily. I see people on a daily basis working to death, so they can better their lives, but are really just finding misery.  We all have to go through the journey of misery in order to find our true mission in life. I will continue on my path for I will see a life of freedom and happiness.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “ Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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