There once was man who was never satisfied. He was always complaining about everything and anything that happened. He did not have many friends for he was very boring. People would see him coming and go the other way. He one time asked God for a wish. He said  ” God if I had a good paying Job, a good looking wife,and a nice house, I would stop complaining and be happy” God granted him the wish. His good looking wife betrayed him for another man with more money and he lost his job due to an argument with his boss. He goes back to God and asks “If I was a millionaire the woman I love wouldn’t leave me and I would be able to do what I want” God granted the man the wish. He was very rich and had the all women he can manage at his disposal, however he got caught cheating on his wife and she took him to court and left him broke. He goes back to God and asks “God I want to be rich and faithful and never lose my wife to a divorce” God granted his wish. He was rich, he had a beautiful wife, and he was in love. A few years later his wife was diagnosed with cancer and died. When he went to ask God for another favor God tells him.” Wait! “Have you not had enough misery” How about I grant you the wish of acceptance and happiness?  All of the best things in life will  fall into place with those two wishes. The man accepted and had a great life. Sometimes the things we want bring us more grief than the things we don’t look for. When you are happy great things happen, when you are discontented life becomes confusing and everything goes the wrong way. Your destiny is designed to teach you, not destroy you; every obstacle in our lives should be looked at one way, “It’s Just an obstacle”,  We worry too much about the future without enjoying our present which is all we really have, Misery is our middle name.  We worry too much about things that hasn’t happen yet. I have some heavy obstacles ahead, the semester is getting harder, but I have stopped worrying about December, and started enjoying September. I hit some walls this month, but I am still very  happy. I will continue on that happy path of life, for I am going to school for me not for anybody else. I will keep a smile on my face, because the test of life I  past already, going to school is just fun to me.

Have a nice day: 0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out s

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