A successful Marriage

What is marriage? After 20 years today, I guess I can give some info on it. To me it’s like the stock market up and down, and between that you find balance. It starts of in blazing fire, but as the obstacles of life arrive; water is thrown on it. It cools down and all the attention goes towards the bills, children, careers etc. Being a husband is one of the hardest jobs the same for the wife you are now responsible for each other till death do you apart. I remember when I was dating my wife we would take long walks on the beaches of Puerto Rico talking about our future plans. Sometimes I wish we would have just stayed in Puerto Rico, Virginia has not been good for us… They were some good times, but struggle would come after our first 6 years. In my book I share that. All that we wanted to do happened it just didn’t turn out with the results we wanted, however our children turned out to be good and are educated. We have 2 grand-kids in Angelina and baby Rios, We live well and I have finished writing a book on the times we had along with my entire life. The most important thing is? We never blamed each other for our problems. And our relationship is still very strong after 20 years. We feel that life hasn’t cheated us none and we do have lots of great moments and memories. As our children take over we sit back and watch them continue to grow, both my sons turned out to be faithful men to their wives and my Daughter, she also has turned out to be a great mother and student. Even though we lost all of our big finances in a bad business run, we are happy and not even thinking about anything else, but living the rest of our lives in peace. We do have good jobs. I will continue to be a great husband and keep my focus on the family for I have taken it away the last year. It hasn’t been easy but we hit a milestone in 20 years. I remember when my marriage started I worried about how can I stay faithful to one woman after having a different one almost every month or less before? “Well I could say I have been” I say this more for the men who wonder the same, not to show off. The biggest gift you can give any woman is being honest and allowing her to trust you. It’s bigger than any diamond ring you can give her, for being faithful is an accomplishment. When you read the obstacles of our marriage, which I believe others have had, in my book, you will be amazed how in the hell; did we not break up. Love is the greatest weapon to use when life tries to take out your fire.  We must always cherish the good moments in our lives and not dwell on the bad ones. Temptation will always be around and we have to acknowledged that and take note that temptation will definitely give you a bad day. And I can guarantee you it will show, if you are not strong enough to back off, you will destroy a good thing. I tend to believe if there is another, say to yourself, I will find her/him in my next life; however in this one I’m with whoever. Keep it in the back of your mind. I do believe we continue to come back, I notice it especially when I get along with people I just met quickly. I did a study on that in the 90s, that life and death is transformation, we never leave each other, we just continue to grow and add the new people we meet. There were times I had dreams with my present wife, in those dreams she was mean to me. Maybe in this life she is making amends. Who knows? But I do keep learning about the unknown, it interests me a lot. For anybody else who is enjoying an anniversary congratulations you have accomplished something.

Have a nice Day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon.

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