A bad judgement call

Is communism a bad thing? The name Che Guevara came up in discussion. He was a terrorist, communist, and communist don’t believe in God. The person who said it happens to be smart. To me it sounds like the 60s,   anyone who doesn’t believe in the status Quo is considered a communist. That means; since the President is a democrat, the republicans are communist. They constantly fight against the Democratic Government and don’t believe in it. So if you don’t support the government you are a communist. How did this person get a College degree? What pisses me off the most is the bad information given to young people. I wanted to explode, but I decided to stay quiet, after the semester i will give her my opinion. Here is one for you! “Jesus was a communist”! He didn’t believe in the system back in the days of the Roman Empire. He was assassinated for it also just like Che. “Oh wait a minute he came down here to die for us “that’s right!  Or was that the excuse they made up once they found out he was the son of God?  That’s what I tend to believe. All people who are righteous never get along with greed. Many Governments are about greed even ours, if not there wouldn’t be homeless people and starving children in the world. I’m not saying that Che Guevara was a saint, but like man he had his opinion about life and wanted to live it that way. I will give you some terrorism notes “Wounded Knee” on December 29, 1890 US soldiers entered a Lakota Indian camp and massacred men, woman, and children while sleeping. “Oh wait a minute that was a mistake” ‘well” it definitely was a bad one.  Socialism claims to be the aim of economic social change and communism is the movement of that change. That is what it means for those who don’t know. Who am I? I am human trying to learn the truth about life and researching what certain things actually means. I have changed a lot of my beliefs since I started to research everything I was taught. I have learned many things that have opened my mind and I will continue to learn. I do believe in some form of capitalizing, but not at the expense of putting your fellow man in the poor house. The world works better when everybody’s happy.  Always remember while you party and have a great time someone else is suffering it’s not your fault, but we must always understand something, don’t judge someone’s protest unless you lived it yourself.

Have a nice day: 0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap That doesn’t clean” will be out soon.Abad

One thought on “A bad judgement call

  1. Deep Tyrone very interesting keep it going I find some of your blogs to be enlightening you have a very different yet entertaining way of explaining your views that make it hard to stop reading.

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