Forgotten Vets

While in class this morning I met a young man who needed a job I talked to him and tried to set him up with the company I work for. He told me he was homeless living in his car and has struggled to get a job because he is a war vet. Insurance companies  are worried of him being positive for some diseases or mental issue from post war. Many soldiers are struggling today with discrimination for being in a war I just don’t understand America? The Viet Nam veterans also dealt with the same problem. Why is the Government so cruel with people who volunteer to protect their country? These war hero who gave up their time and lives are forgotten quickly when it comes to helping them. I remember growing up in the late 60s, 70s. How the war in Viet Nam affected the ghetto big time. Heroin was big at that time and I would see people shooting drugs in their arms as I walk down the stairs in my building. The country who drafted these people shipped them off unprepared to a war that would continue in the streets of Harlem and all major urban cities in America. Selling drugs in the ghetto was like a candy store the cops didn’t care, because it was in the neighborhoods of poor Latinos, Blacks, and whites or at least the ones that were left behind and couldn’t’ afford to move upstate or Long Island. I am trying to help the young man with a job but how about the rest of them? Is America saying after you lose your mind fighting their greedy war go screw yourself? Let’s face it the last real war that made sense for us to fight was WW.2. The rest were all about money. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. So we send all these young men and woman over there for what? Here they are today homeless, mentally ill, jobless, and nowhere to go. However we will give away millions of dollars in food stamps and health care for people who need help, but won’t help our war vets. I guess the next time a war breaks out the politicians can send their sons and daughters, for those who always believe war is the best course of action. If the Government won’t help these people than we the people should, and make an example of them. However if there is something out there, and this kid doesn’t know. I would love to tell him if someone could give me information about it.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap That Doesn’t Clean “ will be out soon

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