Goals are fun

Why is it when you have picked a goal that is usually a long shot people tend to look at you like you are unrealistic or delusional?  The easiest thing to do in life is nothing. Just go to work and pay your bills and that’s all life has to offer. If that is life than allow me to die tonight because that is boring. A life without adventure is a life without fun. Thinking like a dreamer who sounds crazy when talking about his goals is the way I like to go. I remember growing up in the Bronx; every morning you get up and there was an adventure awaiting you. “Yo what’s up? What are we doing today”, you made your plan and went out and did it, along with your friends. In my book you will read of those adventures’ but I’m just making a point at this time. If you have my background you can identify. However we did what we had to do in order to overcome those goals no matter what it was.  When I was trying to find a publisher to publish my book I talked to several of these companies and neither told me what I wanted to hear. They just told me how I can get half off if I published this month. I felt as I was talking to a car salesman, and was told that I would only sell a certain number of books. So my response was” then why in the hell am I talking to you for. I should just give away my book and forget the whole thing. Companies are just like the federal Government they want their money, but don’t care about yours. When I was in business my investment came from my properties not any loans from Uncle Sam. When the business failed financially (in many other ways it didn’t) I still owed the Gov. some money and they came after me like a divorced woman coming after her ex husband for child support. I have taken care of them. Well my point is that my goals exceed what the publishing companies are offering. Do they make sense? Yes. Do I? No. Whenever you are on any goal you should never listen to anyone; when they try to pour water on your fire. Statistics for me is a manipulation of collected data in order to fulfill someone’s personal agenda.  When I opened my Restaurant in 1999 I was told by a lady who came in to my establishment, and told me “Puerto Rican restaurants don’t last 6 months in Virginia”. I lasted 10 years and the restaurant is still operating in the name of Rincon Tropical, now in its 13th year. I sold it before I would lose it. If you believe in your goal no matter how crazy it sounds you go with it. Look at Starbucks cold coffee who would have ever thought that cold coffee would become a national chain. The biggest success stories  sometimes come from a ridiculous idea.

Your destiny is going to happen no matter what.  When seeking success you must be blind to fear and failure, though you must have a good plan in order to fight. I am still working on my project and it is already paying me dividends, happiness is my goal

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

2 thoughts on “Goals are fun

  1. Querido Tyrone, yo tambien estoy en las de publicar mi thesis “An Erotic, Sensual, and
    Mystical Study of the Song of Songs” en My Space.com

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