The shot that missed

Last night I saw a gruesome video of a man getting shot to death while getting out of his car by two assassins; this took place in Puerto Rico my home in the future. The question I have is why? “How bad it is when you don’t have the chance to say a few words before leaving”. What did he do to receive such a violent end to his life? The killers took no money so to me it was a hit on his life ordered by someone. The grief of his wife or family I saw brought me to tears as they held him in the puddle of blood. Where was God for him? I question that because I remember something similar happened to me. Growing up in the Bronx and dealing with the negatives things of life put me in that situation many times; however they couldn’t pull the trigger to end it. In my book I give those stories, but I do remember one I didn’t give so I will share it. One summer day I was hanging out like always in the basketball courts in Bronx River and met this guy who was pretty kool. We drank beer and got high all of us did. I forgot his name, but at night he told me if I wanted to hit up some clubs with him to meet some lady’s? I said sure; let’s go. I went home and got ready and like always my mother asked  me where I was going? I like always lied and said nowhere, I will be by the park. My mother’s knees were worn from praying for they were 4 of us boys and 1 girl; which my mom kept locked up in the house. Puerto Ricans that left Puerto Rico looking for the great American Dream found the great American social order the streets of NY and not the best ones. It was more of a nightmare for some; for most of them raised their children in the boogie down Bronx, lower east side, Harlem, and Brooklyn. Well we met and went on to hit club, after club, we met some lady’s and had a great time. We broke night and went on to the basketball courts to continue hanging out and telling our friends how much fun we had and all the lovely ladies we met. He asked me “hey Tyrone let’s go to the store and get some beer” I said “I’m tiered you go  I wait for you here” A few minutes later I heard 5 shots!!!!  I ran over there and found my friend in a pool of blood on the corner of Bronx River besides the bar. I said what happen?  we were just hanging out all night. I was told that they were looking to kill him because of some bad things he did to someone. I quickly went home shaking as I could have been dead if I would’ve of went  with him. I have been given a reprieve in life and I am very grateful for that. I know I’m not the only one many others have similar stories but this one is mine. Every day I am grateful for my life and to be able to write about this makes me even more grateful but sad, as our brothers and sisters who fell into the abyss of the ghetto will not be forgotten. My inspiration to write this book comes from last semester’s Spanish class. In an exercise we did we were told by the Professor to write in Spanish what we wanted to be. I was a little confused because at 51 you are already that. I wanted to say author but felt as I wasn’t because of my past and didn’t have the credentials, but I have been writing a personal journal for over 20 years and I have 15 books, so I just wrote “I wanted to write” On a other occasion I wrote an essay at the final and was replied; that even though I stop going to school in 1976 my learning experience didn’t stop, I had the stories to tell and that is what an author does. People want to hear about daily obstacles that have been overcome. My book consists of my life experiences in all aspect. I talk about Childhood, gangs, politics, and, business. My life in Europe as I sailed the Mediterranean; going from thug to successful family man and being accepted by society. In my last chapter I will give you the story how my professor deserves all the credit for what I have done with this blog and the book I am editing at this time. It will be out soon, “Soap that doesn’t clean”. It is a real roller coaster ride.
Have a nice day :0)
Tyrone Garcia

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