everyone has input.

Some people feel that they are smarter than others because of education. That is not true. I remember one time I was on a ship and almost was my last one if not for the luck that followed me. We have left Norfolk Va. To go rescue a ship dead in the water, I was on a 200 foot Tug boat. The ship was called the ‘Altair” and it was in the middle between The United States coast line and Portugal. We all knew what to do; however the Captain had different ideas. He was one of those sharp intellects out of college and you couldn’t tell him anything. Well! We were on our way to the Atlantic and enjoying the calm seas that we had. As we approached the ship we prepared to rescue it than tow it into the ship yards In Portugal. The mate was also a little hard headed so on we went; we started having trouble getting the shot line over to the bow of the tall vessel; the winds were pretty rough and both ships were close, to close! as we tried to give advice, but our advice wasn’t good enough so we continue trying to shoot a shot line up to the ship. The ship collided with ours; we had a 2ft hole in the side of the ship and the crew started to worry, we finally put in our input and managed to tow the ship. Unfortunately we both wound up in the shipyard. The winds were too rough to shoot up, what was finally done was; a heaving line was thrown down to our ship and then we were able to connect the messenger line that will than bring down their anchor chain and allow us to tow them to safety. Sounds pretty easy, but” when egos get in the way professionalism goes out the window”. We must always work together to find a solution. If the ship would have penetrated several inches more, I wouldn’t be writing this today for it was winter and the water was cold.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out so

2 thoughts on “everyone has input.

  1. It just goes to how that even the individual with the degree can make an ass hat out of himself just like the average joe. I’ve found in my years on this earth that common sense and innate feelings can’t be learned inside the classroom.

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