The Mind is Brilliant

The mind can do some great things when put to use in the right way.  Many of us rely on medication for almost everything in our lives today. Walgreens has become a monster business; because for a minor cough we run to the pharmacy, we don’t allow our immune system to work; so it starts to rely on drugs in order to function, just like an addict. I’m not saying not to take your medication; however we must research our problems and medicines first before making it part of our daily life. When I stopped drinking 21 years ago I started to get panic attacks. I remember being in Puerto Rico at a concert getting a big panic attack and instead of enjoying the concert that had numerous bands, I wound up in the emergency room in centro medico, that is Spanish for medical center. I was released because they found nothing. I thought I was having a heart attack. This became a problem and I was put on medicine. At the time I was learning about meditation and self-healing through a lesson I have purchased by Paramahansa Yoghanada, self- realization fellowship. It taught me how to do breathing exercises, and to control the body by using your mind in a positive way. The first thing I did was to get a full medical check-up so i could be confident I was well.. I studied a little about panic attacks and I learned that it was a fake feeling of the mind that felt real. Something negative would trigger it and my mind will go with it. I waited for the first one, when I felt the negativity going through my body, I said to myself ” this is a panic attack there is nothing wrong with me” I would breathe in, than breath out all my anxieties. I continue no matter how hard it hit me to fight it with the mind for the mind sends out messages to your body and could tell it what to do. Eventually it worked and I have not had one since. I quickly got rid of the medicine and was free of toxics in my body. Please!!! Don’t stop taking your medicine some drugs have to be rid of through detoxification. God gave us a great weapon in the mind I’m not perfect; but I continue to make that my goal.  When I was in business I forgot about all these great things I knew; now I could practice it again as I did before. This year I lost 45 pounds from January to May using that same formula. I had to discipline myself. The best is to pull away from the table when you want more food and don’t eat after 8pm. The mind is a tremendous part of our body when put to use correctly.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “ Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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