Changes are hard to deal with. Weather geographical or local trying to adapt to a new system is always hard. You become comfortable with your regular schedule of life and then you have to change and figure out how to go about applying the new one. The first thing you do is check out the area and staff and try to do a little spy work and find out all you can about your new job or class etc. when I was a Merchant Marine I was always changing from ship to ship new Captain to new Captain. I would get it going by the 2nd or 3rd week and be fine. One time I went to a ship that no matter what I did I couldn’t do anything right. I was in trouble for things I would never get in trouble for. The attitude of the department Heads and crew were very different from what I had followed in the past. I was in constant argument and at one time felt that I wasn’t as sharp as I thought I was. Thanks to my daily journal, I have kept for over 21 years; I was able to see the mistakes I was making. I was trying to hard; I wasn’t being myself, I started to change. It got a little better; however I still didn’t get along with the crew. I tried to do so much that I became miserable which made it worse. So I decided to leave the ship when it got into port because I felt it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t given the permission so I had to tough it out. One day I noticed a mariner who was always to himself he didn’t talk to anyone just did his job and went on about his business. I started to do the same and I saw myself feeling better and doing a great job. I always tried to be so much better that it backfired on me. Nobody likes a perfectionist that is not perfect. That was my problem always trying to be Mr. Perfect instead of just going with the flow. I thought I was better since I was sober and they drank a lot.  I had to realize that my sobriety wasn’t and excuse to be so egocentric about myself.   In certain situations we have to bend a little to make our new situation work for us and the people around us. No I didn’t drink ! but I did respect them more.The good thing is we learn something new and we store it in our minds so when it happens again we know what to do.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book  “Soap That doesn’t clean “ will be out soon

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